Cancel Long-distance Call And Roaming Fees

Cancel Long-distance Call And Roaming Fees China’s  telecommunication operators

China’s 3 major telecommunication operators, China telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, declared plans to cancel long-distance call fee and roaming fees among China from Sep 1, 2017, that is one month ahead of the point in time set by the State Council of China.On July 27, 2017, China Telecom’s chairman yang Jie declared that ranging from Sep 1, China telecom can cancel long-distance call fees and roaming fees among China, that is predicted to bring advantages to eighty million users.

Following that, China Unicom and China Mobile conjointly declared an equivalent plans to cancel the call and roaming fees from Sep 1.

Statistics from China’s Ministry of industry and information Technology show that by the tip of June 2017, China had 1.36 billion mobile phone users. However, communications industry experts said that the cancellation of long-distance call and roaming fees has very little influence on standard customers, as a result of most users subscribe to packages that already cover roaming services and use networking voice services to serve the communications perform.

According to a report on China’s telecommunications operation in 2016 published by the MIIT in Jan 2017, throughout the year of 2016, over half of internet profits of the three major Chinese telecommunication operators were from mobile phone data businesses.

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